The Tall Ship St. Lawrence II is available for Groups, Team Development, business outings and sailing charters. We offer a versatile slate of programming that delivers a fun and memorable experience that can rejuvenate and inspire your team or group.

Enjoy the freedom and adventure of Tall Ship sailing!

We provide an outstanding immersive adventure platform for developing Problem Solving, Leadership, Harmonious Group Dynamics, Individual and Team Accountability, and many more benefits.


About the program

The Tall Ship St. Lawrence II is a Sail Training Vessel, which is a special type of passenger ship. Join the crew of a Tall Ship for a day, hoist the sails, take the helm, and enjoy the unbeatable sensation of sailing aboard a Tall Ship. 

People of all walk of life, abilities, and limitations are welcome aboard - all you need is an open mind and a willingness to get involved!

You don't need to have any sailing experience to charter the ship, the crew are there to provide you with instruction, and to help you get acquainted with the ship - an open mind and a sense of adventure are the only prerequisites!

A few things to keep in mind about chartering the St. Lawrence II

  • Our minimum age is 12 years of age

  • Day sail max. is 23 persons, overnight is 15

  • Discounts available for Non-profit & Youth Organisations

  • Sailing aboard the St. Lawrence II is an outdoor experience, so come prepared for adventure!  

One Day Sailing Adventure


Half day, $1000+


3-4 hour sail, minimum of 5 sailors ($75-100/pp over 15). Food available as optional.  

Full day, $1950+

Youth Organisation, $1500

6-8 hour sail minimum of 5 sailors. ($150/pp over 15) Food available as optional.

Overnight Sailing Adventure


Overnight, $2250+

$150.00+ per person minimum of 10 sailors, includes training, a breakfast, a snack, and a dinner.

3 day courses, $3000+

$300 per person (including Provisions) minimum 10 persons, $275/pp for each person over 10.

5 day courses, $7500+

$750.00 per person (includes Provisions) minimum 10 persons, $500/pp for each person over 10.


For inquiries or to book call (613) 544-5175 or email

15% discount for recognized partners with a minimum of 10 per sail course. Max 23 day sail & 15 overnight.