Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do?

The simple answer is that you will take on the responsibilities, and benefit from the freedoms of a member of a ship's crew - to most that doesn't mean a whole lot, so let's expand:

Once aboard you will be responsible for hoisting and dropping sails, climbing the rigging, standing watch, and maintaining the cleanliness of the ship. This is completed as a member of a team (called a watch aboard), and part of your goal is to help your team become as effective as possible.

We also stop in ports for "shore leave" where, once your team has completed their tasks, you will be given the opportunity to explore the town or village we are docked in, maybe row the ship's boats, read a book, or relax with friends. Additionally you will be able to go swimming (if you want to) a couple of times a voyage (weather permitting).

There are also scavenger hunts, organized sports, games, and if the weather is right we may even watch a movie on the sail!

What will I learn about sailing?

Brigantine Inc instructs using the CSTA grade standard. All first time sailors will achieve CSTA grade 1 during their voyage. You can download the logbook from the link at the bottom of the page.

This will include learning sailing terms & theory, knots, calls, and achieving some milestones while on-board.

What do we eat?

We carry a cook aboard the ship who, with the help of the crew, prepares all of the meals - Breakfast, Lunch and dinner as well as snacks. The food is pretty basic camp food, but it fills you up and keeps you happy!

Can I bring my Phone/ Tablet?

Yes, you can bring your phone, but phones are not permitted on deck and should only be used if absolutely necessary and with the permission of the First Officer or the Captain. Anyone who uses their phone without permission will have it confiscated by the Captain for the remainder of the course.

Tablets should stay at home.

What should I bring?

Gear List 2017

The following is a suggested gear list for overnight sailing courses aboard the St. Lawrence II. It is meant as a recommendation only, and is by no means meant to stand as an absolute.

Each individual is responsible for their own gear, and should pack according to their personal needs/ preferences, keeping in mind that space is very limited - suitcases are not permitted on board and all personal items should be brought aboard in a foldable bag – preferably one that is waterproof.

  • A sleeping bag or good sheets and a blanket as well as a pillow
  • Rain gear - this should be reasonably good proper rain gear (pants and jacket) - Canadian Tire and Mark's Work Warehouse have good, reasonable, functional options, as do many other retailers. Rubber boots are also good.
  • Windbreaker, warm sweater, sweatshirt, etc.
  • Swim suit and a towel
  • Lots and lots of socks & underwear.
  • Two pairs of jeans and two or more pairs of shorts (Adjust depending on Course Length).
  • T-shirts.
  • Two pairs of deck shoes or runners.
  • Toiletries as required, e.g.: Toothbrush and paste, face cloth and soap, comb/brush, Bug Spray
  • Light cold weather gloves
  • Long underwear for possible cold weather
  • Sunscreen, Aloe, etc
  • Something to sleep in – flannels, jogging pants, etc.
  • A toque & a ball cap or other sun hat.
  • Any extra food/ drinks you want.
  • Books are encouraged.
  • Cameras and musical instruments, such as a guitar, are welcome
  • Those who wear glasses would be well advised to bring a restraining strap
  • Radios, Walkman and tape players are not permitted aboard! (circa 1990)
  • Smartphones/ Tablets are permitted to take photos, but should NEVER be on deck, and should only be used for emergencies.

Spending Money

This depends entirely upon individuals but many bring approximately $15.00 to $20.00 per week to cover shore leave, etc.  “St. Lawrence II” sweatshirts, T-shirts and other souvenirs will also be available for sale.

Safe Keeping

At the beginning of each course, money and/or other valuables such as identification may be put into the ship’s strong box and locked away by the crew.


NOTE: Any prescription drugs must be given to the Captain for safe keeping.

Remember that there is limited space and that all bunks have to be cleared by day - so pack efficiently.

Brigantine Incorporated cannot assume responsibility for articles lost or stolen while on board.