The leadership & seamanship skills development program is designed to offer participants an opportunity to develop their community building, leadership and management skills in preparation for the following sailing season. We aim to equip participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge they will need to be successful on board.

The Winter Program really helped me to build mt skills as a leader. I was able to grow as a leader while improving my work ethic. I met tons of awesome new people each year!
— Saimaniq Temela, International Professional Sail Trainer of Year, 2015

The program consists of a combination of shop work - where participants learn some basic seamanship skills and prepare their ship for the next season, lectures – which provide participants with the theory needed - and off-site educational and team building activities – which provide an opportunity. We aim to nurture a sense of pride and professionalism in their work that will remain with them in their future endeavours.

Participants are asked to complete 100 hours of program time between November 2nd 2018 and April 7th 2019. This commitment needs to be balanced with school commitments and participants are encouraged to maintain good grades – all first year participants should be attending full time studies.

Successful graduates will be granted the rank of Petty Officer with the Organisation and will receive sailing time free of charge, a Petty Officer Polo Shirt, T.S.E.C. Level 2 Sailor Certificate, and a T.S.E.C. Leadership Certificate!




The winter program operates As per calendar

Cost: The cost of the winter program is $200 – this fee goes to supplying materials for the winter program (If required the cost can be deferred or waived, contact the office 613-544-5175). Payment is not required before the program starts.



We will try to find suitable accommodation for people from out of town with other crew members or members of the board. Please contact 613-544-5175.